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02-25-2010, 05:46 PM
First of all, thanks (again) for the support and feedback everyone. I just read today's State of the Game and I do think that Cryptic is paying attention to threads like this one. I'm eager to start seeing some of the feedback about non-combat content work its way into the game once some of the higher-priority stuff gets worked out.

Originally Posted by malize View Post
I'd like to add this "Diplomacy" Mini-game suggestion for the OP to work over with his graphical magic.

Link is to tinypic image which communicates the concept. It borrows some inspiration from the classic boardgame "Diplomacy" but only inspiration, is not a "copy"

No requirement for special diplomatic skills to grind, still has strategy and thinking, and can provide multiple or binary outputs.
Thanks for the suggestion! I think I am going to start a brand new thread about a diplomacy system. I did a rough mock-up of one a while back, I've attached it to this post.