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02-25-2010, 06:12 PM
My Short:

The Exchange - I cant sort at all, who came up with that idea? This is the only game to have an auction house with NO sorting capability. I have to look at 600 items and write down the prices of the lowest ones to figure out which one is the lowest price.

Make instances bigger, I want to see more people in Sol and other community locations

My Medium:

Do something with the skills. It makes no sense that I have to train level two skills that become worthless once I hit the third tier. Why dont ship skills carry over? If I train in the tier2 escort ships then make that also help in my tier3 escort. I feel like I waste skill points to train for-the-moment and it has no real effect on my char in the long run. Why train photon torpedos now when I know in tier4 I want to use a different kind of torpedo and the skill points I put into photon has no carry-over? I dont even know what some of the skills actually do!

Close Memory Alpha and take a few months to come up with a real crafting system. Memory Alpha is BAD, if you want to see how bad, check how many players are actually using the 3rd and higher tier vendors there. I would be willing to bet it is less than 10% of the total playerbase. Let me build weapons and ship components that are worth something.

Ground combat in PVP is to fast, run into someone, get held, die in 5 seconds, its not fun.

My Long:

Let me mine on planets for resources, let me setup a store front of some kind and become a merchant. I could be a Ferengi who failed out of Starfleet and decided to get back into making a profit. Give me monsters to fight on some planets, Kirk and Picard had many battles with creatures. Give me other things to do besides killing Klingons and Gorn.