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# 988 DEV speaks on Tribbles!
02-25-2010, 06:15 PM
Just had an awesome conversation with Rehpic, and he cleared up basically all the remaining questions we have about Tribbles (Thx Dak for hooking me up!) here's what he said;

Our mystery Tribble is indeed bugged and not breed-able a the moment
Rivera is not breed-able (as intended) at the moment
There are no current plans to make Rivera avalible outside pre-oreders
They will look at fixing the current breeding bugs, but there is no current timetable
I asked to be sure a note is put in updates, but Rehpic evidently went afk before then, so we can only hope

Inferred; it sounds like we are basically done with major research until this bug is fixed. Feeding Highison a Heart of Targ after ever patch seems to be the easiest (if not expensive) method to test for a fix absent of knowing there will be patch notes.

Here is the complete text of the conversation that took place during the time Rehpic was discussing tribbles;

<Dakirn> zeroth could you tell alexiya what rehpic told you about the tribbles please? :P
<Alexiya> :P
<@Zeroth> I showed rehpic the tribble no one can breed(not the preorder)
<&Cryptic_Falkoren> oh snap these are soo cool, klink and fed variants
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> there is a bug in the data that drives the tribble game
<@Zeroth> lol
<@Zeroth> or just ask rehpic himself
<Alexiya> heya Rehpic :)
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> one tribble species can not currently be bred
<Blademage> heheh heyo rehpic
<Bobkyou> does that mean all the research done so far will need to be thrown out? lol
<Dakirn> note: if you mention Tribble, Rehpic comes back
<Dakirn> if Rehpic made tribble sounds i'd pet him :P
<&Cryptic_Falkoren> YAY thanks for confirming that Rehpic, one less thing I need to follow up on
<Blademage> lol
<Alexiya> so basically my question was, you stated one species cannot be bred, i read that as one species total, including rivera, dak said thats not including rivera
<Dakirn> i said i didn't think rivera was breedable
<Dakirn> and still don't :)
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> luckily the great tribble researchers were able to point me at an image of the exact missing tribble, so it was easy to track down
<@Zeroth> lol
<Dakirn> mainly i thought 25 was a good round number of breedable tribbles :)
<@Zeroth> rehpic: doesw that mean the rivera(pre-order) tribble can be bought?
<Alexiya> :P so it is indeed a bug that he's not breedable? not just a tribble being left for later use then. :)
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> I'm referring to the one listed under "Unidentified Tribbles" on this page:
<@Zeroth> yay
<@Zeroth> thats how awesome stoi is
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> Rivera can not be bred. It can only be obtained as a preorder item
<Bobkyou> has anyone tested the str of the riviara buffs compared to the other tribbles?
<@Zeroth> not yet
<Alexiya> yes
<Reliant> if anyone can solve the problem of tribble romance & matchmaking, it's Rehpic
<Alexiya> rivera buffs are each base 1.0 value buffs
<Bobkyou> thanks for the info
<Alexiya> any chance you intend to add rivera as attainable vie some other method later?
<Testdrive> Rephic, Falkoren any info on the upcoming DP yet ?
<Alexiya> via
<Alexiya> btw u rock rehpic :)
<Bobkyou> all hail Rehpic, master of tribbles!
<Testdrive> if they do, then most of the pre-order items will prob be asked to make it attainable also
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> I love the tribble game because it reminds me of A Tale In the Desert, and game I played a lot when it first came out
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> *a game
<Alexiya> true, i guess i just kinda see rivera as different because of the 'gotta breed em all' game of tirbbles
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> as far as i know, there are no current plans to make any of the pre-order items available in other ways.
<Alexiya> darn. :( thx
<Blob> maybe they could eventually be like veteran rewards, though thats probably a way off
<Xaintrix> I'm so glad these State of the Game posts come out so regularly.
<Testdrive> give it a few months
<Xaintrix> Or often rather.
<Alexiya> i'm just hoping to see them on the c-store
<@Zeroth> Rehpic, can you convince the powers that be to give klingons a targ breeding mini-game>
<@Zeroth> ?
<@Zeroth> and let us pit targs against each other, ala pokemon battles
<+Cryptic_Rehpic> i will mention it
<Testdrive> lol
<Bobkyou> targ breeding game would be fun, but multi colored targs would be funny as heck lol
<DocSavag> I'd rather have a Bridge Officer breeding mini-game but I'm guessing that might not get past the ESRB...
<DocSavag> :)
<Bobkyou> bright orange with pink spots
<Blademage> "Online Ineractions are not rated by the ESRB" >.>
<Reliant> I want to see something like FF7 chocobo racing & breeding but with a Star Trek theme
<Alexiya> you've been an awsome help rehpic :) hopefully you can be sure it is placed it patch notes when tribble breeding is corrected so that we know to start te-testing?
<Bobkyou> tribble racing, whoever breeds the most in 12 hours wins lol
<Blademage> i love my black choco o.o
<Alexiya> *re-testing

At least we have clarity now. :)

Edit; Damnit, Dak beat me by 1 minutes lmao!

Edit 2; Unedit, Dak removed his. roflmao