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02-25-2010, 06:25 PM
Short Term:
1) The Exchange - needs better sorting options, especially by price, but a new more robust interface overall would be helpful.

2) Smart UI/ streamlining - example, when i go to put items into the bank, let me right click an item and have it autostack with other items of the same type (i.e. anomolous data samples). Also having the game remember your power bar/ officer bridge station set-up, so that if i am running multiple ships I can switch back and forth without having to re-do all of my powers EVERY SINGLE TIME.

3) Item/ Power descriptions - Make them more in depth and explanitory. It would be especially helpful with stats and powers.

Mid Term:
1) Content - When beaming to a planet, have multiple areas to beam to. Content in the game could be greatly expanded without having to put in new locations and planets simply by adding more zones and areas to the exsisting planets (And while we are on the topic of utilizing all the planets already at your disposal..., could we please beam down to Earth!?!?!). Have areas were you could beam down just to explore, and may find a quest giver who has a quest in that immediate area. This also would allow greater variety to each planet, such as industrial areas and cities in addition to wilderness and forests. A good idea if this is implemented would perhaps be to add a mechanic to transfer to different zones with out teleporting (such as a shuttlecraft hub or something) Also, add more planets to star systems. Make it so you could have enitre quest chains in a given solar system. (while we are on the topic of quest chains could you please make it so that chains that are supposed to be done sequentially unlock in a sequential order? )

2) Asteroids/ Debris Fields - Could we please see less of these. It seems like very single mission warps me into a freaking asteroid field. Its good to have objects in space, but sometimes space is empty, I think some of the space missions can have a little bit better diversity to the enviroments without relying on object fields quite so much

3) Bridge Station rank upgrades - I think the ability to purchase rank upgrades to bridge stations (and perhaps other aspects of a ship) would help ships scale better to your abilities and give players an opportunity to more heavily invest in their ships. Also, you will notice from many of the Star Trek movies and TV series that some admirals preffer an older ship like and Excelsior or something. Perhaps use an upgrades mechanic (coupled with each ship type and class having specific bonuses or atributes) to give players and incentive to hang on to an older ship and even use it through higher ranks

Long Term:
1) Graphics and Layout - Space looks quite nice, the ground stuff...could use a little work. For starters, level and area layout, space stations and ship corridors dont need random turns (i.e. K7) that seem to serve little to no function. While i understand trying to make interesting layouts, sometimes following the simple approach proves worlds better (I am reminded of a Star Wars game i played some time ago that had a level were you were making the Trench Run on the Death Star, the devs had made the Trench with about 50 turns and hundreds of obstructions, it just didnt feel right). In this same vane, have doors that open, and use turbolifts instead of having us just zone into the next room. Functionally these might not serve purpose but its adds to the atmosphere, and makes the game feel more immersive. finally all in this vane.. SCALING! drop the ceilings a little bit, at least in star ships and some of the stations, the ships of the shows and movies never seemed to have ceilings this high (though I will say DS9 looks pretty close, but it always was a different style then the rest of Star Trek).

2) More Mission Variety - Need to work on coming up with less of the Kill ten of these squadrons, then kill 5 of these, then kill six of these. Missions need to have more content variety, options for dealing with things in more than one way, and perhaps variable endings and outcomes.

3) Ooooohhh Such more more i could write - Fleet bases, leaving destroyed ships (or pieces of them) in space to be salvaged, new races to play, more Quadrents to explore, the list could go on forever. I will just conclude by saying i think Cryptic is doing a good job so far, but that the game definitley needs improvement. I have my lifetime sub, and so far I have been relatively happy. Keep plugging away and making improvements and I think this game will really have a great run.