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02-25-2010, 06:55 PM
Originally Posted by wardrop
Im not sure whom to blame really, Cryptic or the Deadline makers for the state of affairs with the game.
I really dont care to really. Ill just pack up my wallet and move on with a better understanding of how things are ran over here. Plain and simple.
blame CBS. they're the ones who liscensed STO to Cryptic.
i did my research on Cryptic, when i first heard about STO, b/c im also an avid Star Wars fan, and was disappointed w/SWG. if i'm going to invest my time in an MMO that's based on an IP i love and cherish, i wanna know it's in good hands.
unfortunately, i found Cryptic is not Allstate.
Cryptic was founded to build a superhero MMO (City of Hero's), and in game industry terms, has always been more of a mom-and-pop type of smaller business catering to a niche fanbase. CoH did moderately well as far as MMO's go, as did City of Villains (the follow-up). their 3rd superhero MMO was still pretty lackluster-Champions Online. i know b/c i played it. less than a month, and yes i did reach level cap, and no ther wasn't anything to do there either.
point is, i knew not to expect too much. i knew the odds of being blown away by this game were minimal.
Cryptic never has released a multi-faction MMO. they have never released a MMO with real endgame content. it took them 3 tries to get a superhero MMO right, and they still missed the mark. Cryptic's just doing what they've always done. CBS just made a mistake by selling out the ffranchise to the lowest bidder instead of opting for a big-budget, grand-scale MMO from a company that was a leader in the MMO genre.
so dont blame Cryptic. blame CBS