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02-25-2010, 09:46 PM
Short term:
-A system that takes out the money that is being circulated. Wish I had an idea for this but I don't, but something definately needs to be done ASAP otherwise the market will be massively inflated very quickly.

Mid term:
-The market system needs a complete overhaul imo. A system to set up buy and sell orders would be awesome. Also price sorting options etc. Currently everything is just jammed around.

Long term:
-More elaborate exploration. Instead of making each system a mission, make it more of a "free roam". When you enter the system, instead of say 1 or 2 planets, make it more realistic, like 8-20 or whatever. Each planet you should be able to beam down to and explore with a much larger map to explore. A diplomacy system to go along with this would be cool. Not all planets obviously would be inhabited, but the ones that are should be completely random generated and unique. Make it so that some civilizations you can enter diplomatic relations with and communicate, and others to where they can not communicate effectively with you. From friendly civilizations players could gain new secrets, new and completely unique abilities, officers, etc. From hostile civs, new weapons and technologies that you can steal from them which are competely unique. That's just the basic idea. I feel there is a lot of potential in exploration and should not be ignored.