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02-25-2010, 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by dirtyklingon
having cruisers and science ships are already viable.

science ships absolutely own in pvp. in fact the only matches in t3 pvp i've won were due to science ships.

ia lready play defesnivly using self helaling abilities in my cruiser. and guess what, i still die.
Well since i dont pvp this was not known to me, but thanks for the infor maybe i will start pvping now that i know.

Originally Posted by majicebe View Post
Troglis, have you ever played an Escort? The only way I can do "that much more damage" is to have weapon power maxed at all times, then pop Rapid Fire, Tactical Team, Attack Pattern Omega, and EPS Power Transfer at the same time. Because I'm forced to rely on 2 to 4 buffs working in-tandem to out-dps the rest of the zone, I have them doubled up so that I'm not without Rapid Fire or Tactical Team for too long, otherwise I'm just toast. My main is an Engineer, so I at least have some additional "oh crap!" buttons to push every so often -- I can't even imagine being Tactical with an Escort *shudders*. Playing like this is super fun for me, and I expect to explode a lot, which is fine -- that's just part of the class.

What I don't expect is to now be punished for something that doesn't really affect the other classes, but is something they want so bad without understanding how it will affect Escort users.

If we're going to be glass cannons, then there needs to be more emphasis on cannon, or we need to not be punished more than the rest for flying them.
Yes i have played escorts, and I dont care for them. I prefer science ships cause they arent glass cannons and I always run at max weapon power. Why, cause i do decent dps from weapons and i augment that with my boffs skills. I also get those really long lasting sheilds and a decent hull. Do I die? Well of course I do, everyone is going to go boom at some point. I think you problem is your looking at it like they are punishing escorts. While I look at it as they are punishing everyone for getting yourself blown up. As the Captain of my ship i do everything in my power to stay alive and keep my crew alive. I dont fly head long into a group of ships deal what dmg i can go boom and repeat. If this is your stategy then you deserve the dp and all its unholy glory.

Now i ask you have you used at cruiser or a sceince ship? If not, why dont you give them a try? I am not ever gonna tell you how to play or have fun, I am simply telling you that there has to be a trade off. If you want to use and escort then you have to deal with the negatives of it as well as the positives, same goes for cruiser, yeah they can take a but load of dmg but they are slow and cumbersome at best. Science ships while a nice balance on speed and manuverability between the two, and the best sheilds, still dont have the firepower of and escort or the hull of a cruiser. Every ship and class has is good and bad points. The goal its to take both the pos, and neg, and use them to your advantage. Since you know that escorts are prone to go boom, maybe your should think about using a different ship type based on your play style. If you just have to use escorts then your just gonna have to deal with the constant boom, or find someone who will keep you allive so you can do all the fighting.

Since we have no clue what the future dp will be theres no reason to be saying that escorts need to be buffed up for survivability. Now if and when the dp happens and its shown that escorts are getting boned because of it. You and I will be on the same page and both arguing for a change. Untill then, you choose to fly a glass ship, then you have to deal with dying. I choose not to use a flying death trap, no matter how much dmg potential it may have.