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02-26-2010, 12:03 AM
Beam Overload is just as good as a Torpedo High Yield.

I am a recent transfer to Klingon from Fed and I loved my torpedoes as a Fed in both a Tac and a Cruiser, but flying a BOP (Which I love)I am finding the torpedo is wasting my rear slot.

I have always used Quantums, but the earlier poster mentioned Chroniton as a passing shot before turning arround. Interesting if that PROC really works as advertised.

My experience has been more often than not your better off cloaking after the strafing run as a standard procedure before turning arround. You die less often as too many times someone is already on you and you just don't realize it yet. I may not do near as much damage as the top pilots, but when I finish a match with no deaths I figure that makes up for it.

A Beam Overload works just as well in the back as a torpedo in terms of damage and does damage to the shield and your gonna hit shields not hull when you over shoot on a run. The only exception here perhaps would be using a tricobalt torpedo at T5.

I am not near as good a pilot as many of my fellow players and so I chose a Duals Beam to go in the front with my Dual Cannons. My total DPS for matches went way up. Dual Cannons do more damage than dual heavies with Rapid Fire activated and usually by the time my Rapid Fire Pulse runs out it is time to cloak anyway.

I often hit Beam Overload with my front Dual Beam just before cloaking to help the focus fire out on a target someone else is persuing. It drains your power, but your cloaking anyway and you get it all back quick enough even without using EPS Transfer consoles.

I realise my loadout has much to rag on about, but as I said I am pretty clumsy pilot and I built my set up in a manner which helps the team the most given my shortcomings. This way I die far less often and manage a substantial more DPS.

I use two Uncommon Neutronium Alloys in engineering (+22% Kinetic and All Energy Resistance) with an RPS for increased turn rate.