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02-25-2010, 11:12 PM
To me the 16pt on the bottom, or the 18pt on the top are the smallest two that don't require effort to read, wih the 18pt bottom actually being what I would choose. (followed by 16pt bottom, then 18pt top) The 16pt or smaller top and 14pt or smaller bottoms should not even be considered IMO. (14pt bottom isn't horrible, but would be for someone with bad eyesight)

TBH i'd much rather you find a readable font that fits than worry about making it a "trekish" font. If you find one, awsome. If not, it's no real loss as long as it's readable. The last couple versions, while very useful, have honestly been boarderline unreadable without effort, and I have very good eyesight. (I'd look at re-doing the lines as well, they god much more difficult to follow when you changed them to be trek themed)