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02-25-2010, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by UncleRomulus View Post
I'm going to hell for it, but I LOLd.
You and me both.

Originally Posted by kamui View Post
I think this is great advice; I hope more people take it.
""If you're one of those people who ... can't handle it anymore," he said, breaking down in tears, "if you can learn anything from this is that there are people out there that really care. You may not think so, and ... ultimately, it may not be enough. But there are people who really, really care. And before you make that final decision, check it out again. Talk to somebody. And to families who have members who they fear are susceptible to this kind of behavior, don't ignore it, don't rationalize it. Extend a hand."
Same thing I was thinking when I first hit the boards and saw this thread tonight (just saw it on the news some 15 min ago). There really is no better advice for dealing with depression.