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02-26-2010, 02:50 AM
Short Term

* More "Off Duty" Clothing, going to Risa in Uniform may be Worfs thing but its not mine.

* I would like More Diplomatic solutions to missions, my Captain is feeling tired from all the needless destruction he has wrought. My suggestion would be for at least an click-activated power that demands opposing ships surrender/stand-down/pay homage (for Klingons) with the chance of the vessel surrendering based on your rank (you gain the power early) and the damage inflicted to the vessel. Firing at a vessel until it Stands-Down is very Star Trek IP so is refusing and then choosing to Ram the Demander.

* Remove the Inertial Drift from Cruisers ESPECIALLY IN SECTOR VIEW, Im fine with the sluggish turn rate but the drift in Sector view is annoying and irrelevant in my oppinion. It makes the bulky Cruiser which in the show appear to have majestic and sweeping flight styles (i.e. horrible rcs) to just look ungainly. Nor for that matter should a cruiser be able to perform the Cobra-head Maneuver after racing at an enemy full impulse and slamming on the breaks bringing the nose up.

Also the strange high inertia has meant my ship has "Bounced" away on occassion when hitting another vessel. Its ridiculous that a multimillion tonne Assault Cruiser bounces off a small Frigate.

Mid Term

* More ship options, Excelsiors, Nebula etc as well as more variations of pieces even if they don't belong to a full starship.

* The Ability to Filter Contacts into ones you no longer look at readily.

* More Voice Acting, I imagine lots of the scripted content could be voiced, I also think you could do some simple voices for BO's such as those style commands you get in Offline games i.e. Yes, Captain; We are being Hialed wtc. Give us a half dozen voices to select for our Boffs.

Long Term

* Remove the Sector borders completely or at least increase thier size, your already at a limit of people due to instancing, why not apply the instance to a wider area instead of having many more small instances have lots more bigger ones.

* Give us 1st Person Ground Mode and a 1st Person Space mode that shows us commanding from the perspective of our Captains Chair so we can see our COn in the foreground and space through the view screen. I know the probelm is you can't see the field of Battle well but couldn't you just make it so the moment a hostile vessel comes within 15km or you activate a Boff Power it switches out to the Exterior view?

* The ability to flag yourself as a Roleplayer/PvPer/Teamer and dedicated instances that read such flags to automatically take you into them.


* I would also like to see more cutscenes, its cool how going to warp and transporting play out, I would like to see similar things such as a shuttle departing from a ship and speading towards a planet or (SPOILER ALERT) when the Undine Orbital weapons power up and fire on the Borg infested planet we get a little sequence of their preparing to fire. Make the scenes short and to the point, they worked well for conveying situations in games like FF XI

- Raith