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I am a homeless Ferengi. One of many vagabonds in space who can't go to his homeworld. Betazoids, Bolians, Saurians... We are all travellers with no place to go. Not even the humans can visit Earth, and looking down from Sol Spacedock must be quite tragic - home, friends, family, all so close, all so far. But enough of that, I have a suggestion how to bring us all home.

C-Store Items: Homeworlds
Not map locations - more social beam-to-from-menu locations like the bridge.
The homeworlds are social enviroments where you can invite friends for those that need some distance to the endless void of space, and there's no place like home after all.
With Vulcan and Andoria as beam-to planets on the map, and the lack of the sheer existance of most other homeworlds, that's not the solution. I don't mean „homeworlds“ as much as I mean „our personal home“. A small in/outdoor area with a few species specific common items (bank, mail, library, nothing that wouldn't be easily found on a space dock), for example:
Ferenginar would be a small bungalow with access to a bank console; when I step outside, I stand in the pouring rain and can see the Tower of Commerce in the distance. Vulcan would have access to a library console instead of the bank and a house with an outdoor area for peaceful meditation. Bajor would have a country house with view on the monasty in the distance. And for humans, there could even be different homes, like continents with a distinctive building outside the window, or a moon colony in a biosphere.

People want to visit their homes, people want more items in the C-Store, and people always like a selection. Collectors may buy all worlds, just for the heck of it, others will just be happy to have another social option than the huge and usually empty-looking bridges. A house with a swamp, mountain or farm land around it; a menu „set this as my homeworld“, just like „select my bridge“ - that's all I ask, and I'd totally buy it.

Probably needs some more thought, but maybe there could even be replicators with food items from the according world in them - and nothing else. Since some food items are „rare“ and of some serious value on the exchange, they'd have to be „bound by acquire“ to avoid exploits (I'm a Ferengi, I care about the economy) or limited in some way (like you can only visit your homeworld every 24 - in game - hours and replicate each item only once per visit). This would also add to the social part of the game; people might be curious what other worlds look like, or they want to visit someone to get a uncommon food for their tribble farm. A social alternative to endless exploration and waiting for the right drop or paying insane prices at the exchange. As I said, the replicator part isn't fully thought through, but might have some potential.