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02-26-2010, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by BlademagePSN
You said it lol, hes just waiting for content tho, (very soon).

Also thanks every1, i just hit Cap again and im glad to have you all as my fleet mates. ill see plenty of you in STF and hopefully we will run them every chance we get.

also im single, spend hours at a time on the pc or console and go to college... i kid >.> (not realy) but yah~.

Anyone who wants into the fleet please apply at our website, one of these crazy guys has our link on their sigs. If you applied and were accepted, please contact me or other officers in the fleet and we will bring you in with a warm welome. This is Blademage our friendly neighborhood EGH, warpin' out!
Blade, you are a machine! Congrats dude!

What does everyone think of the new *State of the game* from Mr Zinc then?