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02-26-2010, 03:58 AM

Mainly just get all the glitches worked out. I have spent a lot of my game-time looking at messages like "server not responding" or going through an entire mission and not getting credit for it because i was more than 20 km away from a buddy who blew up that shipyard that i was looking for. These little pet peeves are what make people hate the game, it's never a big issue, just the little ones.

Some extra variety to the missions would be nice. Theres a lot of combat in space and on the ground, and a few things that have no combat at all, these are nice, but it seems like there are very few missions in total and the rewards (skillpoint wise) are very large. In short, shrink the rewards, add more missions, and vary them more.


Here's the BIG stuff, hehe\
More Ships, Excelsior, Nebula, Steamrunner.
More tiers for ships also, 7, 8, 9, etc.
Maybe PvE content for klingons.
Playable Romulans and Cardassians with their own PvE AND PvP content.
CRAFTING PROFESSIONS!!!!!!! I cannot stress how much i want to be able to farm resources and build my own stuff for crying out loud!!!!!!!! And not just a few items here or there, i want to ba able to build all of it, from my own hyposprays, personal and ship equipment, and weapons, up to POSSIBLY my own ship. Think of what people would be able to look forward to if they had to build their own top-tier ship, piece by piece from the day they learn how to craft.

I could go on for hours into detail about how to do crafting but i'll leave that to other players to add their own input on that. Anyway, thx for listening cryptic, peace out.