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02-26-2010, 04:41 AM
short term:
1) add sort functions to the various things like exchange, boff powers store etc
2) fix the wayfinding of the boffs on ALL the Ground Missions
3) fix the Borg cubes, probes, spheres and all the other ships hanging in asteroids or other things

mid term:
1) deep space encounters: implement some kind of safe zone or staging area.
2) the purple elite wepons should be really better than the rest and sold at higher costs
3) make the sector maps accessible as soon as you explored that particular sector. we have a stellar cartography station on each ship :-)

long term:
1) a crafting system worth its salt. maybe possibilty to craft your own kind of guns or equipment
2) A pvp system like the Titan Mode in BF 2142
3) full loot in pvp :-)