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02-26-2010, 04:47 AM
[Short Term]
* Progress indicator for Memory Alpha
* Full Auto fire in space (this would definitely prolong the life of many a keyboard)
* Full list of what each skill improves instead of just examples
* Filter in the BO skill training NPC. (eg. Show Space/Ground/Engineering/Science/Tactical)
* Much more fleet actions beyond the CE
* Better exchange, by which I mean more filters beyond the two already in place. examples are price filters, better search for BO's (as in what skills they have). Also some means of sorting would be nice.
* Ability to turn of whether your armor shows or not (I really like my TOS uniform but I never get to see it unless I wear an armor that doesn't have a model yet)
[Long Term]
* More ships, for all ranks, with more diverse BO/console setups
* More playable races
* More weapon types
edit: been reading allot more posts from other people on this subject, and there's a buttload of stuff I agree on, I really hope you Cryptic guys take all the serious requests in here to heart