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02-26-2010, 04:52 AM
My Ferengi nature extends to real life, and that may be a part of it.

I work as a content developer myself, and I know how important the economy inside a game is. Now imagine the uproar if something every player (or a majority) wants would be made C-Store. Let's say a worst case: Buy new mission packs. That would be a slap in the face, as this is something no-one would want to pay for, and that should be for "free" (free as far as in 'paid with subscription').
For a company, that would be a money maker tho, because everyone needs it. Well, everyone not cancelling.

Its still better to offer ideas what content only some players would want could be used to make extra profit. You can live without a homeworld, you have a bridge as social enviroment, and the world wouldn't add any useful features. That's why I put it more in the list with other cosmetic ideas. Just offering an idea and leaving it up to the company what to do with it can be fatal - might may be right, but I rather direct in the right direction of right.