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02-26-2010, 05:16 AM
Short term:

- sort after price in Exchange
- some sort of emote arc (to make it easier to find the right position to use a chair)
- Tachyon Beam ground ability fix: Beam gets stuck after use and only disappears after using TB again

Mid term:

- visitiable social homeworlds as explained here:
- casual outfit sets for Risa and other social occasions (in other words: I want a Ferengi tailcoat with a tacky pattern, damnit!!!)
- alien ships (Vulcan science vessels, Ferengi casino ships/merchant ships, Andorian battle cruiser - can be simply skins)
- additional titles/ranks (Chief, Councellor; alien ranks like DaiMon, Gul, Subcommander; better way for additions like "son of ...", so a Klingon can be addressed as "Klingon, son/daughter of Bla" without resulting in silly NPC dialoges a la "Hailing Captain son of Bla")

Long term:

- diplomacy system as suggested here:
- species trait / customization overhaul and
- adding ethics system as suggested here: