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The whole port to your ships bridge was kinda a cool idea for about the first 10 sec after you port there then get bord theirs nothing there id like to see something like the bases they made for city of villains added in ship form kinda a build your own ship interior and lay out theirs so much they could do with it add your own holo sweet, engine room, Crew Quarters with objects that boost the crew members who's assigned to the room. each room and items could affect your ship in some way like it did in city of villains now i know they cant just add something like that but that would be something cool to throw into a expansion. ever quest may be old but i still love the feature of being able to decorate your own home and they could do so much more with that kinda thing now make interactable objects for us creative people who like to play and create at the same time sometimes its nice just to sit back and take a break from all the chaos of mmos.