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# 45 Greetings Soran-di-Vulcano
02-26-2010, 06:10 AM
I am pleased that you see the soundness of the notion of a Vulcan Fleet, that treasures logic, analysis and intellect as we move into the turbulent times of 2409. Welcome!

LIke you, Vulcans are my favorite race, and like you, I chose the Science career field - my favorite aspect is tractor beams.

Here is the process you follow to join the VKF:
  1. Visit and register (link at the top of the window for an account. You will get a quick reply via email to verify your address. Click the link in that email, and you become a registered user in our forum.
  2. Go back to the forum and log into the account you just created. Visit the Recruiting Center (link on the left-side menu) and review the articles. Then, go to the Forum (main menu link), and the Recruitment Center forum under the Administrative Wing.
  3. Go to the thread "New Recruits - Apply to the VKF by replying to this post" and post a reply. That is your application for a commission in the VKF.
  4. You will receive one email from me with further instructions. Basically, you wait for your application to be approved (up to 24 hours), and then log into the VKF forum with a new username (the username you used to create your account prefixed by [VKF]). By logging in with that username, you have accepted your commission in the VKF

We are a worldwide Fleet and have members in Belgium, the UK and Iceland, for example. I am in the USA (east coast), and often find myself online and in-game with Fleet-mates from there and other timezones. I believe that as gamers, we all structure our personal schedules to get in as much game time as possible, and there is always at least one (and usually 2-8) VKF members online when I am. Also, the VKF actively pursues alliances with other Federation Fleets, and that widens the circle of potential players - both in terms of being in-game and in the same sector or mission. The STO universe is large, but we always find each other. I think you will be pleased with both the availability of Fleet-mates in-game, and the comeraderie. English is our lingua franca (with some Vulcan mixed in), and we have a Vent server for voice chat. Voice chat really helps out in teaming, much faster than the Chatbox.

I truly hope that you visit our forum soon, and I know you will discover the most formidible force in STO, the VKF. Live Long and Prosper!