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02-26-2010, 06:55 AM
Originally Posted by The_MadTom View Post
Also, I'm wondering where the wiki poster got the pic of the missing tribble? Going through the gamefiles?
Well I'm not going to accuse anyone of anything but people have been "pigg diving" through Cryptic's game files ever since City of Heroes started six years ago. Different bits of info and pics of things like the Tribbles have always turned up here or there like that.

Strictly speaking doing that kind of thing is forbidden by the EULA... but Cryptic's been known to turn a blind eye to it when it's been of a positive use to the game community at large. For example there are several third party fan-based mods for City of Heroes that improve some of the maps and power icons which have been freely and publicly available from fan websites for many years. Trick of it is that those mods required players to poke around in the game files to figure them out.