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02-26-2010, 07:17 AM
Short Term:
1)Skill reset, in game currency could be required to do it.
2)More ship skins/options per level to customize the look of your ship even further to make it even more distinct
3)Exchange update, add in a way to sort the results of the exchange, or an advanced search option where you can break down what you’re looking for even further based on abilities or stat bonuses, ability to SORT the results based on a number of things, at the very least PRICE
Mid Term:
1)Changes to the crafting, ability to track your progress so you know how close to the next stage you are.
2)More variety in missions, diplomatic or different outcomes based on choices you make as the captain (maybe instead of having one BO tell you what to do in a situation, have 2 or 3 of them (if you have them) suggest a different resolution each and then go down the path of your choosing. ) this would make playing repeatable quests a bit easier especially if the choices you make can change the mission.
3)Put a timer on PVP or some sort of penalty for not Engaging an enemy to encourage people to fight it out
Long Term:
1)Balance PVP a bit more between classes.
2)Flesh out the different Ship classes a bit more, possibly adding custom slots for each ship class. Or maybe a “Utility slot” with items that can be equipped there that are restricted based on Ship Class type, specific Items like armor upgrade that are restricted to Escorts. This would help define each class more.
3)More end game progression/options I would guess, add a bit more depth to the game in general. Your standard “moving forward” phase once you put out all the fires that spring up at launch.

Just a quick note to the Dev’s: of my personal experience with launches, (Wow, SWG, ***) this was the smoothest I have experienced, personally haven’t hit any bugs yet, or at least anything I have noticed, and very little in the way of lag if any, I appreciate the good work you are doing, the one thing I see with this game is that what you have is a GREAT starting point, with so many possible ways to expand on what you have and make it a truly massive and great game!