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02-26-2010, 08:17 AM
Short - Term

1. toggle OFF option (or a density option) for the multi-colored space-dust confetti appearing around ships at impulse-speed in all impulse-speed locations

2. redo the transporter animation to THREE quick stages:
---- a) away team leader (me!) taps communicator badge
---- b) computer voice "stand by"
---- c) engage transport

3. holstered weapons when entering safe locales (and the bridge!)

4. replace the welcome to Deep Space Encounters with a report from OPS that the ship is entering a battle zone (the current message from an unknown officer is a bit vague)

Mid - Term

1. try Saturn's-Rings to replace some of the asteriod fields around planets

2. modify quest-giver responses to completed tasks so that they reflect your current location:
---- a) visiting the local station "enjoy your time here"
---- b) hailing from outer space "good luck out there"

3. Implement a "bridge-view" communication screen when contacting Starflleet

4. rewrite Explore Missions so that they are ALL to systems that Starfleet has absolutely NO information about