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Short Term- Weapon attribute mechanics pass. Polaron weaponry's space trait needs a lot of attention. After being on the recieving end of countless all Polaron volleys from multiple targets in PVP and witnessing the -25 to all power kick in several times, its impact on my systems was embarrassingly miniscule. My single EPS Flow Regulator and Effecient Impulse Engines crushed the -25 power penalty immediately, regardless of how many times it consecutively proc'd. This is of great concern to me considering my build focused on utilizing -power abilities such as Tykon's Rift and Siphon Energy and Polaron Weapons. I would take another look at how this mechanic can be tweaked and help justify an Admiral skill point investment. An Idea would be to make this a limiter on the energy allocation for a defined duration rather than a one time subtraction of power on proc. Or make the effect similar to Energy Siphon in that the proc adds that deducted 25 to your own power bands.

Also The UV texture maps of the Recon Science Vessels are very misaligned on the "Mission Pod" and the underside of the saucer section for all Recon Science Vessel models. It's very noticeable when applying patterns such as Virgo and Orion.

Mid Term- Signs of Life. I would like to see an active crew compliment populating my ship, just living their lives, going about their routine. See episode "Data's Day", TNG. I would also like to see all of the locales from this episode within the appropriate ships. Exploring your ship is all well and fine, but if it doesn't feel like a hundred some-odd people theoretically populate your ship, well then your ship is going to feel more empty (and lonely) than the cosmos. I want to feel like there are people living aboard my ship that I actually have an obligation to protect. That I want to protect. Just for the sake of immersion.

Long Term- Romulan Faction. Who doesn't want to decloak with a massive Warbird?

Additionally I would like to see more ship designs across all existing tiers. Excelsior Class-refit Enterprise B from Generations. Nebula and Ambassador designs, even if their looks need updating, (i'm looking at you Ambassador pylons). And additional customization options for the Klingon ships, I think we should do more than patterns here. What about simple adjustments of wing angle's? Some of us really like Bird of Prey when their wings are raised rather than lowered. Would be an easy way to distinguish yours without really changing the model.

Last thought- It would be nice to see the entire range of ships playing together in a common battle. In most star trek battles, even smaller, less capable ships were present for large scale conflicts. What if we address this with implementation of a "Refit" option. Refitting old ships to make them usuable in the next rank, and by refitting I mean expanding things such as weapon slots or console slots. I.E. As we have seen in The Wrath of Khan, a Miranda-Class starship should be able to equip both a forward and aft torpedo launcher, at least one beam array, and a dual phaser cannon, all at the same time. Obviously this isn't possible with only 3 weapon slots. We can leave things like hull points and shield strength modifiers alone, but people would find a reason to pilot a ship they enjoyed earlier in their career through a simple refit option.