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02-26-2010, 09:27 AM
Originally Posted by Pauwehr_of_Efrosia

Pauwehr@Pau'wehr_of_Efrosia in game.

Captain, U.S.S. Crusader

Roleplayer (my toons even have individual bios that interlink!), experienced MMORG Event Coordinator, who's looking for a great group of real Trekkies to game with on here.

I play late nights (11PM - 4AM) Mountain Standard Time when connections are the strongest.

Addition to an advanced Tactical Wing would be preferred. Pau'wehr is becoming maxxed for space combat (Cruiser), and close combat (Special Forces) with heavy weapons training as well. Real life experience in those areas = bonus. FLANK, Flank, flank then counterflank, pin and envelop your enemy!

I've played a little in Beta, and am luvin it. Been posting to the Devs for quite some time about Interactive Bridge options, Crew Quarters for at least yourself, a 10 Forward, Ready Room, and an interactive Holodeck down the road. :p

Hope to see / meet you all soon!
Well howdy, Pauwehr, if you wanna join, I daresay we have space , just hit up the link in my signature
and we'll take care of ya