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02-26-2010, 09:00 AM
Originally Posted by RedFox View Post
Sad patch to be honoest. Most important things are missing but some minor bug fixed no one really cares about.

Mentor Mode for private pvp is key. -> not working.

PvP Battles with less than 5v5 -> not working.

Pieces of Klingon PvE content -> missing.

Endgame content -> missing.

but awesome job on fixing nonsense.
Key? Not really. At least, I dont see why it would be, but then, im not big on pvp anyway.

Thatd be nice, instead of having to wait hours for one more person, and have someone drop out.

That, I REALLY want!

Dont care much, since Im nowhere near that stage yet(Commander 2 right now).

Originally Posted by demonic25 View Post
I'm not happy, no update for the Promotion mission bug...

I got my ship before i went through the stages of talking to people, now after i went back and talked to the admiral ... i'm now stuck at the stage of talking to lt.laurel about choosing my ship which i've already done
Serves ya right for rushing! :p

Im guessing a flags not being set, from my very limited experience in that area.