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02-26-2010, 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by RedFox View Post
Sad patch to be honoest. Most important things are missing but some minor bug fixed no one really cares about.

Mentor Mode for private pvp is key. -> not working.

PvP Battles with less than 5v5 -> not working.

Pieces of Klingon PvE content -> missing.

Endgame content -> missing.

but awesome job on fixing nonsense.
yep, and honestly if they dont address some of the more serious/important issues before end of Free time I and a few frineds will be taking a leave til than...Dont get me wrong its a fun game but with little end game and about 26 days of play to hit Rear Admirl R1 (lvl 41) im kinda getting worried about the long gevity of Sto. I remember it taking me a couple months to hit max lvl with a few other mmos, and even than it had good amount of end game stuff....