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02-26-2010, 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by Lasteran
You can't be serious right??

The skill tooltips are total garbage. They do not give you enough information to know exactly what skills are getting affected by them. Seriously, the skill description is like, "This skill may or may not affect some other skill that is slightly similar to this skill". It is complete and total garbage.

A respec is the MOST important thing a casual gamer can get.... How do you not understand this?
I totally agree that respecs are VERY important to implement ASAP.... but I just wanted to give ya a piece of advice in the meantime. If you hit the "P" key to bring up your available skills (will only show ship skills if you're in space and only ground skills when on the ground) but when you select an ability in this list it tells you EXACTLY what skill pts it benefits from.