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02-26-2010, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by Boomerizer
No. No No No No No. You obviously are not like everybody else, and do not die a billion times per PvP match or per away team mission. It's great that you don't, I'm proud of you, and these are good idea's, they are, but you know, some of us die too much for death penalty to be practical.

Death Penalty is exactly why I don't play World of ********. being your ghost, finding your body is total BS and detracts from the rest of gameplay. Star Trek Online is practically revolutionary with not including death penalties as every MMO I played has had something that is a royal turn off. And I'm saying this now because for the handful of people being vocal about including Death Penalty is getting Cryptics attention, whereas the vast majority of people really don't want Death Penalty, but don't come to the forums and won't challenge the 9 people pushing for it.

No Death Penalty. Please. Don't ruin the game for the rest of us too busy enjoying the game to come on to the forums to complain about whats wrong with it.
Well, since this is as close to constructive feedback as I've seen in this thread, I guess I'll respond to this one.

I'm pretty sure there are many like me, who blew through all the PvE content with no difficulty at all. I only died three times. Twice on the ground to Guard Captains, and once in space when I let the AI kill me because I spawned inside of an object and couldn't move. I might have died once more, to a Swordmaster zerg...I'm not sure.

At any rate, I would be OVERJOYED to help other people develop the ability to trounce PvE content. It is not hard, once you get it down.

As for are correct, the point in PvP is to kill and die multiple times. So, perhaps Death Penalties should be suspended in PvP. Personally, I've given up on PvP, as at T5 it is only Crowd Control. If the viable tactics are diversified in the future, I might return to it.

At any rate, the WoW DP is slightly annoying, as it is a time sink. However, I've never found it a problem. Especially in late game, when you rarely have to run back to your corpse, due to players knowing the right way to wipe. When I have had to run back, I've actually found the short time helpful, as it gives me a bit to clear my thoughts, and try to come up with ways to get around whatever wiped us.

I suspect there are more than 9 people "pushing" for it. I have merely offered a suggestion on a light and painless form of Death Penalty. Me PERSONALLY, couldn't care less either way, so long as it isn't anything close to the pain of EvE's system. EvE death penalty is the realm of sadists and masochists, and would be financial suicide for Cryptic to implement anything close to that level of cruelty.

I'm trying to present constructive feedback. I'm sure you can find true whining and complaining posts around here, with a simple and short look.

Perhaps making Death Penalty a part of the difficulty slider? So at the current low difficulty, there would be no penalty, but at higher levels the penalty would exist.

See? CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. Not that hard. :p