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02-26-2010, 09:55 AM
Wow there's a like a million responses here. anyone care to collate them into one uber-post? Many have posted stuff that's been on my mind too, such as crafting, mission bugs etc. So I'll post some other things that occur to me (may have been mentioned, but didn't have time to review 100 pages!)

Short Term:
  • Far better pathing for bridge-crew npcs (they get stuck a lot)
  • More funtional bridge, customized dedication plaques etc, a console that visitors to the bridge can access perhaps to bring up information about ship and its crew etc
  • Better 'info' button to 'inspect' other players, with access to viewing slotted hardware and other stats
  • 'View your Name' doesn't work in the options. Please, I want to see my ship's name and my toon's name displayed on screen and hovering above me.
  • Far superior animation for toon movement, 'jittering' and slow-motion running when colliding with an object is pretty poor for the sophistication of 2010
  • Tanking. Cruisers are utterly broken.
  • Destroy all gold spammers, quickly and decisively!

Mid term:
  • Much more diversity in the appearance/layout of ground locations, particularly starbase interiors and bases. Many are almost identical. - and are scaled way too big. They dont feel right at all. Some of those ceilings must be like 20 feet high.
  • There are too many 'cute' and convenient references to TV trek crews and their episodes - Jadzia Dax of DS9 did this in 2370, McCoy of The Enterpise did that in 2269 etc. Please tone this down. One would think that 200 odd years of starfleet only consisted of the few USS Enterprises, oh and the Voyager, and the station DS9.
  • Please can we have mission rewards visible and reviewable AFTER we accept it - ie listed under the mission details in the mission log
  • How about some onboard ship episodes? A crisis within the crew, a defector, a collaborator, a mysterious murder to solve etc...? I would also want access to other areas on my ship!

  • More content.
  • Space - bigger please.
  • More content
  • Other mmos have housing. Can I have a captain's quarters please? (accessable also to my fleet friends to visit)
  • A completely NEW playing class! We have cruisers, science ships, escorts. I want another option: DESTROYERS. Science ships should be the predominant buffers, Destroyers the fast attacking debuffers, in strength and size midway between cruisers and Escorts.