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02-26-2010, 10:48 AM
Okay, so now that I've sorted out the problem with posting on the forums, I think we can get this ball rolling again.

Yes, the Cardassians did claim to have one of the best education systems in the quadrant. But the man making that claim was Gul Dukat, a Cardassian military official, and realistically there are certain things you learn about creativity when you're allowed to have a childhood. And let's face it, is the Cardassian education system really going to top the Vulcan one? I highly doubt it.

Part of the issue is also that Cardassian research is likely to be highly militarily oriented, they probably aren't going to be interested in new ways to grow crops when whey can just conquer another planet. So I would say science is out. Engineering, you could have them, as I'm sure there are specialized science officers in the Cardassian military (or were) and would have engineering officers, but probably at least three quarters of their forces would be tactical. That having been said, I think they should have better access to special ops gear, with the Obsidian Order having been considered efficient enough to teach the Tal Shiar a thing or two. While the Order no longer exists, it's highly doubtful that their equipment and training would have completely disappeared, especially with Garak in a position in the upper government.