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02-26-2010, 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by Kewldude
If you queue up and stay within the same zone/instance you queued up from you'll get the pop, but if you change to a different zone/instance the only way you'll see the scenario pop is if you have the pvp scenario window open.
Having the scenario window open at all times is pretty unviable for most of the time, and they really gotta fix this zone bug for the pvp pop.
Nope, I've had the issue happen no matter where i was sitting and waiting from the time I queued until the time I got the failed to respond message. I even leave the queue window open and when the pop-up for join doesn't appear and I don't get the join button on the queue window either. It's as if the queue system just times out if you haven't been given a a match in a certain time frame, which happens a lot at T5 on the Fed side due to the lack of enough Klingons queuing at T5. The lack of enough Klingons is because of the severe lack of content for Klingons to encourage more folks to play them. in other words if Klingons were a full faction we probably wouldn't see these long queue waits timing out and dumping us without the join button ever appearing in either location it is supposed to appear.