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02-26-2010, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by ThomasGideon
I'll try to keep this short. This is just a quick and dirty suggestion in five brief points.

Losing crew in combat seems to have little to no practical effect. So...

1 - Crew do not refill automatically when killed. Injured crew can refill, but dead crew should NOT. Perhaps some BOff powers to help with the healing of injured crew? Medical teams, and the ability to beam crew between ships, can also be added.

2 - Living crew should affect every system on a starship, not just hull regeneration. As you lose crew, your weapons, shields, engines, perhaps also power systems degrade in ability. Floor should be about 65% degradation, with a minimum crew value (skeleton crew). System effectiveness is based on living and UNINJURED crew ONLY. Injured crew do not count towards effectiveness, until healed.

3 - When you die, you respawn with 75% of the crew you had at the time of your death. So, if you had 1000 crew when you died, then you would respawn with 750. If you die again, this time with 750 crew, you respawn with 562, etc. This continues until you reach the minimum crew value for your ship (skeleton crew).

4 - Crew can be restocked at a starbase of your faction. Fly up to the starbase, select "Rinforce Crew" from the dock master interface (would need a button). Confirmation screen with price then pops up. Price can be in merits, energy credits..whatever. I would prefer energy credits, to add a credit sink to the economy. It can represent the time, effort, and resources that Starfleet (or the KDF) expends to train the crew.

5 - All PvP maps should contain one starbase for each faction, with defenses around it. This is for the replacement of crew. All sector blocks should contain at least one starbase for each faction that owns that sector block. Perhaps even one starbase per sector. Starbase ownership would switch if Cryptic figures out a way to have persistent PvP warzones.
I want to thank you for your well reason ideas for a death plenty but I think there needs to be a middle ground between the death plenty you have suggested and no death plenties. I also don't think PvP should have death plenties for a few reasons, but my main one is that PvP should not cost you money if you wish to be involved in it. Also Deep Space mission if you happen for fly across one in Space that has not be open should not send you into a direct combat.

I like the idea of restocking the crew at Starbase, I have doubts of what fun it will add to the game. If I have to constantly run back to a Starbase for new crew if I die a lot on a particular mission and I am unable to get back to the instance where I left off at, this will be a big hassle and will be harder to keep people interested in the game. Cryptic would also have to make they Transwarp to a lower cool down and be able to set the Transwarp function to a Starbase of your chosing, I just don't see that happening.

I will hold off judgement of a death plenty till I see what Cryptic has in mind from their State of the game address it does look like they have something in mind.