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02-26-2010, 12:00 PM
I've always thought that when someone dies they should just have an across the board 10% cut in effectiveness of everything. Weapons do 90% damage, shields at 90% cap, skills 90% buff/duration, etc. This penalty lasts for a reasonable, but not game killing amount of time. Say... 3-5 minutes? If you die again during the time while you have a death penalty active, it stacks. So 10% becomes 20%, and the timer refreshes back to full. Eventually - at say 50% max, you're pretty much combat ineffective. This should pretty much limit people from continually employing zerg rush tactics in fleet actions; but not cripple anyone doing missions in that the time isn't that long, and almost every mission has a 'safe' spawn point - DSEs and some exploration missions not included - where they could, if needed, just sit out for a few minutes to allow the penalty to expire.

As to how this would work in PVP - I have no opinion there, as I've not done pvp content.