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02-26-2010, 03:13 PM
Originally Posted by Kethlas
You want a death penalty? Feel you just can't live without suffering if you die? Dismiss a bridge officer when you fail to survive an encounter if it will make you feel better. Can't stand not losing system performance upon the destruction of your ship? Pull some systems from the ship layout to your inventory and feel the inefficiency! Heck for that matter delete them! Want to scourge your energy credit balance for your ship's untimely demise? Go to the exchange, buy something for a few hundred thousand (million?) credits then sell it back to an NPC.

Do what ever you want to yourself to enhance YOUR game enjoyment but stay the heck out of MY game play enjoyment. Time sink death penalties waste what little play time I have. I'm not paying to sit and twiddle my thumbs while my performance penalty expires. Likewise for an Energy Credit death penalty. I pay to play this enjoyable game to relaxe, have fun and lament that nothing like this existed in my youth. :p

And no, I don't die very often, but I play with my wife, and we get to play maybe a couple hours a night if we're lucky. Don't waste our time with death penalties. There is plenty of death and taxes in the real world to have to deal with it in the virtual world.
I couldn't possibly agree more with this post. No death penalty is lot of what makes this game great. I'll say it again: NO DEATH PENALTY, PLEASE!

To everyone who is so worried about the economy of the game:
Just fix the exchange. This can be done with one simple line of code:

SALE_PRICE_OF_ITEM cannot be greater than BASE_ITEM_VALUE + 20%

Or some other reasonable percentage.
From a canon/role-playing point of view this makes sense. We are not the Ferengi Alliance.
If you want to sell items at an absurdly inflated price, spam sell it in the zone. That way we can quickly identify and ignore you. I, for one, always sell items on the exchange at or below their base value because I want them to actually sell.

What I don't understand, is how people are avoiding death so well. I don't die often, but there are sometimes that it is completely unavoidable. Crystalline Entity? Sector block defense? I can't believe there is even one player out there who has not been drawn into a battle that has already been completed, gotten aggro from a legion of enemies, and died almost instantly. There is just no way that hasn't happened to absolutely everyone who has left their faction's primary base. How can anyone justify being penalized for that?

So, as a lifetime subscriber who has been here since beta, I say:
Please, don't waste my already very limited time with a death penalty.