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02-26-2010, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Yargnit View Post
My personal opinion is that they look kinda like a tangled mess currently. (too much line not enough space in between lines) But maybe that's just me. Having every bit of free space taken by food listings doesn't help the cause either.

Have you ever considered going to 2 pages? One with the chart layout, and the second listing foods needed? (Just labeling the lines A, B, C, etc to connect the two) Another possibility would be to drop PDF format and go to a simple image file, then you don't have to limit the size to just a page.
Having every bit of free space taken up by food is why i had to go for smaller fonts to begin with.

I have pondered replacing the food names with icons plus initials, and then having a second page that lists the full name corresponding to each icon. That way those familiar with the foods would be able to get all the info from the first page, while only those that don't would be forced to consult the second.