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02-26-2010, 04:06 PM
short term...
1. multiple transwarp locations (not just Sol) each sector have jump point, you visit, log it, and then when you use transwarp, that point is optional.
2. autopilot from one location to another. when you click to travel long distances, the autopilot would ok warping from one sector to another.
3. longer log off timer in missions, keep 15min in normal game, maybe 30 in a mission.
4. ability to make a "ship uniform" so when you accept new crew members, its a single click to make them look the same.

1. more exploration missions that show up in subspace screen. like deep space combat, but deep space exploration. fly along, "find" unknown system to explore.
2. better and more detailed crafting system, allows recipies of rare equipment to be learned to and built at memory alpha. allow stock bought equipment, but player made items to be a bit better. recipes can be gained by combat, research or exploration.
3. put other star trek show's costume in cstore. additional character slots in cstore asap

long term
1. review of skills, both ground and space. make some skills toggle(ie improve recharge shields on all the time instead of having to click it)
2. expand systems, allow visitation/exploration of multiple planets in each system (ie In Sol system, all 9 planets visible, visitiable)
3. useful scanners, not just for anomolies
4. inside ship missions. maybe with DP, have to go to engines and repair them or move slower after defeat. take hull damage, go and repair hull in port or gather resources to fix it.

love the game..