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02-26-2010, 06:45 PM
-just fix the minor little bugs and glitches that make the game annoying at times to play.
- for ground missions give your npc officers somre more inteligence so as they might be able to walk around a wall or obstruction

-PLAYER OWNED STATIONS, OR ANY PLAYER OWN BASSES IN SPACE AND ON GROUND. this could be used for territory control in open pvp and for fleet battles
-More fleet actions and major fleet battles for territory control, winners (or side that holds a certain area for X amount of time is awarded some unique items or large sum of money for themselfs or their fleet
-I get sick of waiting for PvP i would like open PvP (where player owned stations could be located) where anyone could attack anyone, or have mass fleet vrs fleet battles for territory control

-More playable races like undine or romulan
-shorten the descriptions on item details to only include relevant information, i dont want to waste time read that when i use a photon grenade that "it will grant me that" ability when i select it.
- different ranges for different weapons, this 10K rule is not realy sticking with me that well