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So I did the Ground Zero Mission this morning, and after I destroyed the final boss in space, I got the old depart sector report and click it to warp out. Only problem is, when I got out and tried to turn in the mission, well it did not say completed. SO I figured I just made a mistake and I would try it again tonight. So here I am back... again.... 2 hrs a piece it takes to do this mission. I ran it again tonight,making sure it said mission completed, and depart sector. Lo and behold, when I zoned out, it stated the mission was not completed. NICE BROKEN STORY MISSION CRYPTIC. Thanks. I am sure you will be patch your patch, just like you have the last 2 patches that have been released. I am sure it will be fixed... but most likely I will need to wait til next week. Oh well, one week lost in the game will not kill me. See you all when this is fixed.