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02-26-2010, 09:37 PM
Cloaking is one of the defining Klingon advantages. The combination of forward firepower and cloaking is what defines Klingon warships.

So you want to neuter one of the key characteristic of Klingon (and eventually, Romulan) warships? So you can plink away at Klingon warships with their weaker hulls to your heart's content by spamming that SPACEBAR?

And you're complaining that a lone Klingon would prefer to stay cloaked and wait for backup to arrive, instead of decloaking like a complete idiot in front of your full Fed team? So that, if additional KDF players actually do arrive, that they already see that their side is losing badly?

There are counters to cloaking technology. It's just most Fed players are too d**n lazy to bother even trying it out. Even a good chunk of Science ship users don't even try to detect us. The tools are there to counter cloaking. There are even guides posted in these very forums on how to detect cloaked ships. Just because you and some of your fellow Fedbears are too lazy to even try or even just LOOK into these methods of detection, doesn't mean cloaking needs to nerfed to your lazy styles.

Move on FedFailBear, and back to PvE.