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02-26-2010, 10:00 PM
1. More "off-duty" clothing options.
2. Option to change clothing on your ship.
3. Starfleet Ceremonial outfits (similar to the outfits worn at the beginning of Star Trek Insurrection and at Riker and Troi's wedding reception).

1. Trophy case in the Ready Room, if Ready Rooms are added.
2. Alternate Reality Missions.
3. In-Game Weddings

1. Gamma and Delta Quadrants added to the game.
2. More traditional crafting, just Star Trek style. (i.e. crafting increases stats to current items instead of making items. That way armor smithing improves stats on armor. Weapon smithing improves weapon stats or add status effects. A tailor could make purely cosmetic items. Certain crafts can be useful and some could be purely cosmetic. You could get all the cosmetic crafts and maybe two of the "combat" oriented crafts. You could even have a craft specific for modifying ship stats.)
3. Add an instanced area for Fleet Headquarters, either in a new zone or a door in an existing Star Base. Then have items won through Fleet Advancements that will edit the ways these HQ's look.