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02-27-2010, 05:00 AM
I find it VERY hard to believe that you were being badly outnumbered as you say you were as a Fed player. Just for the simple fact that there are SO MANY Feds waiting in que that there should be no excuse that a Fed team isn't full with a match well underway. Even with players leaving, they should be very, very easily replaced by someone on the que. I cannot even tell you the ridiculous amount of times that as a KDF player how badly outnumbered we were, especially if you try a Large map.

There are many occasions when I login with my KDF toon, open up the PvP que, and see 100 Feds sitting in que for ONE map, just anxious to fight, compared to a handful, or maybe at most roughly a dozen KDF ready to oblige over SEVERAL maps.

There are already tools in place, as I said, for you lazy ass*s to detect cloaked vessels. I've been popped out of cloak several times already this past night. The ability doesn't need to spread to EVERY single character class, because Science already has the capability, and trust me... there are NO shortages of Science players on the Fed side.

Also, your true colors finally shine through regarding this thread:
Originally Posted by PlagueStarter
Fix the ques and make it so klinks can't hide from the feds. I understand the surprise attack portion. Put a 60 second timer on it.
Right there. You just don't like the idea of KDF having Cloaks. You even want a timer put in to limit the time we can stay in cloak, so we can feed the Fedball with our weaker hulls. 60 seconds is not enough time to rally together the guys, formulate a plan, move into position, and finally come out and fight. Especially with guys getting destroyed in different time intervals, so just rallying up takes time. Most especially so since alot of PvP is with PUGs.

If you truly hate cloaks in PvP, then head on back to PvE. The NPCs there will mindlessly cloak in / out to feed you. We're not NPCs over here in PvP. We will strike you when the time is right.