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02-27-2010, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by PlagueStarter
I understand that cloak is a part of klingon lore/canon. BUT i think it is very unfair that they can sit cloaked in a 5v5 and wait for 4 ppl to join the pvp before coming out of cloak to fight. ALSO you need to fix your que's. it shouldnt let one side get 7-8 ppl up on a team WHEN NO ONE IS LEAVING. i mean ffs i ***** the entire klingon team in my escort comm5 and then they all stay cloak for 5 minutes waiting on more ppl to come or just to grief me. slap a timer on it or something. and also i understand we should have to skill to detect it. but i dont wanna skill a science skill when i am limited on science skills to BEGIN with. give tact and eng both a skill to detect it.

There are so many threads now about pvp and cloak. Did you really need to add another? Pretty much everything has been covered already, and you're not adding anything new.

To cover the main points though - The problems with pvp are the queues, game types and the lack of starting safe area for Federation players to get organised in before the match starts.

The problem isn't cloak. It's balanced against the stats of the ship. If you want a timer on cloak then what will the timer on the Fed side be? 60 secs and then the hull drops to the same as the Bird of Preys? Honestly, they're held together by tinfoil and hope.

As for detecting cloak it is a science ability. You have to make a choice in what balance of skills your BO's get. There are pro's and con's to the different set ups but thats all part and parcel of playing a game. If you could give the abilities to anyone then there'd be no challenge or character to the different BO's.

Also, couldn't you just train up and extra science BO with the skills you need for pvp? That's what I'm doing.