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02-27-2010, 09:16 AM
I don't really pay much attention to numbers, but I remember my photon X with moderate skill and no torpedo damage tactical consoles dealing about 5000 per hit.

So we can assume that Quantum X with full skills and tactical consoles deal 7000 or more per hit.

High Yield 3 gives about 15% more damage than High Yield I, which deals 200% damage. 200x 1.15 = 230% or something like that.

A cloaked bird of prey approaches you, he activates High Yield 3 and lets it wait until the global cooldown for High Yield dissapears. And then he then decloaks, activates Attack Pattern Alpha III, Attack Pattern Omega III, fires High Yield III, followed by another High Yield III and his other 2 torpedo launchers (because 4 front weapons)

(7000 x 2.3 x 2) + (7000 x 2) = 46200

I'm not sure how the bonuses are applied in-game, however the tooltip for my Attack Pattern Alpha III says +60% damage and the tooltip for my Attack Pattern Omega III says +50% damage.

Feds can use mask energy signature, or they don't even need to be cloaked at all, they just need to have pre-activated high yield III 20 seconds earlier. Range and Power doesn't matter. They can load it, approach you and then just nudge 9.9km, launch it and then maneuver out of range. Once launched it's an unavoidable blob of burst damage that will hit you sooner or later.

Oh and watch out for Fire on my Mark III, tactical officers tend to have that. I don't know what kind of foul sorcery they do but I do know from seeing the in game numbers that AP alpha, AP omega and fire on my mark III has been able to inflate the damage of my photon torps from a puny 5000 to a quite impressive 13000.

I don't know, 120120 sounds quite a lot to me.