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After reading the Martial Arts info on Stoked I tried it out in PvE mission.

The moves work fine but I really think they'd be better off as seprate attacks(similar to other MMOs).

General martial arts moves could also do with a damage boost as it lacks both burst damage and sustainable dps.

Bat'Leths from my own testing have 3 moves but their combos should be the same martial arts or also sepate moves.

An idea I had was:

Bat'Leth Right Hit, Left. Basic attacks with a chance to expose.

Bath'Leth Sweep AOE knockback like Lef Sweep. Bat;Leth Stike - Singe target pushback and expose.

Bat'leth Lunge - Exploit attack with high crit chance.

Melee weapons could also use a dps boost or as mentioned more attacks. While they bypass shields to do damage the combos are to low damage in PvP to do any real damage.

Just my thoughts on improvements.