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02-27-2010, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by DreamGoddessLindsey View Post
At Lt. Cmdr. 9, fighting Romulan Birds of Prey, they ALWAYS knock out my shields within about 20 seconds, usually through the use of heavy plasma torpedoes that I can't shoot down because my phasers won't switch targets fast enough (and they usually fire them point blank, and they can out-speed and out-maneuver me easily because I'm a cruiser running 75/50/25/50. If my auxilary was any lower, I wouldn't be able to turn AT ALL. Yet with their shots, especially with their torpedoes, they can and do take my shields down. Since there is no skill involved by virtue of your very words (you CLAIM they couldn't dent your shields for 20 minutes), that means that either you're playing a different game or you're lying. Since the former is obviously impossible, I have to side with the latter. I'm using the BEST shields I can get my hands on, and they ALWAYS knock out my shields. I end such battles usually with 90% hull. With the Mogai Escorts, they usually hit hard enough to take out my shields and get me down to 75% hull. The Apex Battleships with their Viral Matrix ability can destroy my shields in SECONDS and usually knock me down to 50% hull by the end of battle.

You claim you didn't adjust your shields or use EPTS, so you're claiming that without any skill, they can't damage you. Yet I'm playing WITH skill and they're still damaging me. So yeah, I'll say it again, you're lying.
I can provide you with the combat logs if you like. PM me an email address and I'll send them to you.

As I said, the PvE opponents do get tougher as you level, and this test was at Lt Commander-1 (level 11) again Klingon Birds of Prey, whereas you're talking about Lt Commander-9 (level 19). The Romulan ships definitely dish out more damage, and I wouldn't expect to just be able to sit in front of them doing nothing for 20 minutes.

That said, I think the fact that at level 11 you can says a lot about the difficulty level of the game overall.

Oh, and having a shield facing knocked down doesn't mean a fight is particularly challenging, and ending a fight at 90% hull means it was a pretty easy win.