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02-27-2010, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by BigBadB
That said, I think the fact that at level 11 you can says a lot about the difficulty level of the game overall.
umm actually at lvl 11 you can't say a lot about the difficulty of the game since at rear admiral you will encounter the borg who can remove your shields in 1 hit.

if the game difficulty was indeed that easy, I'd like to see an T5 escort soloing a borg cube with hull never dropping below 80%

Basically the game difficulty ramps up pretty fast when you reach rear admiral 5....but at that lvl it is pretty useless to do missions since you won't get anything for them except some item, bo skill points and starfleet merits but no skill points because of the skill point cap.

funny thing is tho if you as rear admiral go in party with a lvl 15 and then do an exploration mission the npc's will all be the same lvl as the rear admiral.
Maybe an idea for players who like a challenge? :p