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# 1 Regarding the galactic map...
02-27-2010, 09:11 PM
Hello, Cryptic (and fellow players too).

Stonking great work on the game, your commitment to Trek tradition puts Bad Robot to shame. =) To help you in your eternal quest for Trekly perfection, I suggest a reworking of the map. My biggest geeky annoyance with it is that it puts Borg space in the Alpha Quadrant, completely in the opposite direction from their established borders. I understand the need for finding a place for it to fit within the overworld, but it seems completely out of place in it's present position. I also think it would improve the map to flesh out the edges of it. Show us how far it is to the Gamma/Delta border! It gives the world a sense of scope. To improve adherence to canon, You might consider widening the gaps between sector blocks in the galactic map (Not to say you would actually make it take days to get to them, but show how much space you're skipping over!)

How about the rest of you guys, how do you think the map could be improved?