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02-28-2010, 05:13 AM
Originally Posted by BigBadB
I can provide you with the combat logs if you like. PM me an email address and I'll send them to you.

As I said, the PvE opponents do get tougher as you level, and this test was at Lt Commander-1 (level 11) again Klingon Birds of Prey, whereas you're talking about Lt Commander-9 (level 19). The Romulan ships definitely dish out more damage, and I wouldn't expect to just be able to sit in front of them doing nothing for 20 minutes.

That said, I think the fact that at level 11 you can says a lot about the difficulty level of the game overall.

Oh, and having a shield facing knocked down doesn't mean a fight is particularly challenging, and ending a fight at 90% hull means it was a pretty easy win.
Yes, back at Level 11, they were doing little to no damage to me. Only the tier 3 ships were really doing any real damage to me. The trios were really easy to kill.

Still, they're the cannon fodder. They SHOULD be easy to kill. I don't know of any MMO other than FInal Fantasy XI where every encounter is difficult. Save the challenge for the big boys, the tier 3 ships.

Once you hit Alpha Centauri, though, the game really changes. They are nasty.