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02-28-2010, 05:43 AM
I t seems to me that those who say the game is too hard are lacking a little in game knowledge.

I saw a post from a nice enough fella saying exactly that about ground combat, he said fighting the borg was too hard cos he could not assign his bops to focus fire on a single borg AND that if he had to run away or put a bit of distance between himself and a hostile gorg that his boffs followed him and stopped firing.

As those who have looked into the abilities available know there is a clear option on the left to not only focus the fire of all your boffs on a single target but also assign them as individuals if you wish to, you can also set them to defend a set position so you can move around while they keep firing.

Sorry to say but those who find the game too hard are likely to be lacking in certain game knowledge considering the sheer volume of players who say the game is too easy and i think they should consider asking for combat advise from those who are more knowledgable before blaming the game.